Heat Deflector Mod - PATENT PENDING

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Includes a stainless steel modification and 2 self tapping screws.

Once the mod is installed:

  • Your controller/temperature probe will read actual barrel temperatures instead of reading the air directly from the fire pot. This means less temperature swings.
  • Improved grate temperatures from left to right.
  • Less fly ash/ pellet dust.


  • Austin XL
  • Pro 1100
  • Pro 1150  **If your controller is working properly then you will reap the benefits of the mod. 
  • Pro 1600
  • Laredo 1000 
  • 35.5 in Barrel Mod
  • Rancher XL
  • PB 1000 T2
  • PB 1000 T3
  • 1000 SC
  • Charleston
  • Navigator
  • Sportsman
  • KC Combo
  • Lexington
  • Cabella’s Pro Series CB24ETC1


General disclaimer for use of this product:

This is simply a modification to block air / heat from blowing directly on your digital temperature controller probe. 

We take no responsibility in any fires that take place due to excessive grease or pellets in your grill.

We have no affiliation with Pit Boss/Dansons. Smoke on!