*NEW* Broiler Plate Baffles

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Exclusively for Savannah, Competition Series 1250 & 1600, and TITAN

Includes a pack of 4 baffles to cover your entire broiler plate.

These baffles lay on the edge of your broiler plate and reduce the huge gap between the barrel and broiler plate. This will allow you to cook around the edges of your main grate without burning your food.

  • Minimizes heat blowing up through the large gap.
  • Maximizes main grate cooking space.
  • Reduces fly ash throughout barrel.
  • Helps even out temps on the main grate and throughout the barrel.

Fits these Pit Boss Models:

  • Savannah
  • Competition Series 1250
  • Competition Series 1600


General disclaimer for use of this product:

We take no responsibility for any fires that take place due to excessive grease or pellets in your grill.

We have no affiliation with Pit Boss/Dansons. Smoke on!