*NEW* Flame Diffuser/Flame Tamer for Pit Boss - PATENT PENDING

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Includes 1 stainless steel flame diffuser with slots. This will get rid of the hot spot over the fire pot and help even out temperatures across the grates. You can place with the opening either front to back or side to side, whichever works best for your Boss.

The only flame tamer on the market that is open on all 4 sides. Superior air flow :)


  • KC Combo
  • 700
  • 820
  • 1000
  • XL/Rancher
  • Laredo
  • Pro 600, 820, 850, 1100, 1150, 1600's
  • Navigator Series
  • Sportsman Series
  • Competition Series (850, 1250, 1600)
  • Does not fit combo models unless listed above
  • Does not fit Lexington

Especially beneficial to those with the slotted sear slider/sear plate. 

Want to sear that steak? Open your sear slider/plate and knock the diffuser off the top of the fire pot. We keep it easy over here, no handle involved. 

Made in the USA - Fort Collins, CO.